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Concession Eligibility

Please note: Proof of concession is required.

Concession will only apply if you are a funded student under user choice or state funding arrangements)

Course Selection

Course Credit or Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Note: Only applies if you have done the same units with another registered training organisation and you can supply the nationally recognised qualification or statement of attainment.

Note: Recognition of prior learning can apply if you think you have the experience and/or qualifications in the same area or job outcome as the qualification you are applying for.

Terms and Conditions

I have read AND understood the Privacy Notice stating how my personal information can be used and I have completed a Statuatory Declaration (if applicable).

I have been fully informed of the AAT Terms and Conditions as they relate to the following:
• I have read the appeals policy and understand the process if I wish to appeal my results
• I have been fully informed about the qualification to be undertaken.
• I have read and understand the refund policy

Training agreement
I understand that I am responsible for my training and I agree with the following:
• I must complete a range of work necessary to gain competence
• I must complete the work within the stated timeframes on the training plan or schedule
• I must inform my employer if extra on the job training and assessment support is needed (trainees and apprentices)
• I agree to work in a other work places (temporarily) if equipment is not available to gain competence
• I agree to attend off site training and assessment to be conducted by the RTO
• I agree to complete any work assessment documentation and keep up to date
• I agree to attend meetings with the RTO as required
• I agree to pay all fees applicable and agreed upon at enrolment (fee for service student) and that I will not receive a certificate or statement of attainment until such time as my account is paid in full
• I agree to contact the RTO if there are any problems or changes to my circumstances that may affect my final results

Use of Digital Signature – Personal Identifier
I understand where I have opted to receive delivery and assessment services online, my email address or username will be determined to be my Digital Signature or Personal Identifier. This will indicate any work I submit through the online system or email or other electronic means is my own work.

By signing this enrolment form I agree to these terms and to any future terms relevant to my training.